hands of another

Where were you in that moment when you were desperate? How did you traverse the depths of your sadness? What did it take to climb out of the shadows of your life? Why were you there?

It takes more energy to climb than to descend. The smile that grows requires less than the grimace you exert. When we find our being gravitating inwards, what stop gap measure do we place between us and the darkness? It can be an ascent that is filled with obstacles and untruths. When we find something to hold onto, then we may look for additional supports to transcend our pain.

I cannot go without another to help me; while the epiphanies of life may shine like a mirror, it is up to us to hold onto these inceptions that may flee as fast as they arrive. If we do not relate these learned, or remembered truths, we may fall down, or circumvent another lesson in the sphere of knowledge.

The eyes and smile of an individual with whom you share few things, may offer more than you have understood to this point.

3-02-13 hands

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