Acceptance 6.0

The framework of the human psyche since the fall of mankind has been set to frustration. We are not pleased with ourselves, good has never been good enough. We were rejected, lost, given to a life that was not our own, or so we feel. We assume the placement in this world is unfair. We then lose our ability to accept not the blame for our decisions, but the credit. The credit is what we need to allow the lack to fill with supposed love. The blame remains as the only option for those that feel our inability to transcend our delivery into point A on our map. In order to actually transcend both our frustration about our place and how to fix what is actually broken.

Do we care enough to change was it actually broken, does an angry posture salve the pain, or are we who he said we are in the prophet Isaiah words bestowed upon him by the Lord:

everyone who is called by my name, whom I created for my glory, whom I formed and made. ISA 43:7

We are called by his name to fulfill his works to make the world a place to call home, moving the pieces to and fro for his glory to fix the broken world which is always in the process of being devoured for he has only time to kill before his undoing. We move from the glory of God to possess our own glory, for the glory of self to fill the lack, the need to fill the hole for something that was taken for wrongs that mothers and fathers mistakenly made upon their youth. That pain that we feel, that desire to supplant the hurt with the patches and softeners of this world, the time that waters down our values until we leave behind what we care for. It is at this time that we have allowed the enemy to steal our time, dignity and plans that were bestowed upon you from the instant you were conceived.

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