In Turn, You Will be.

It is a fact that passion and drive are what has changed this world for better. We have cured a thousand diseases, traveled with a beacon beyond our galaxy, seen creatures at depths never thought possible. While the need may be at times purposefully to serve God, that service has altered the course not of our history, but also our future.

We see a problem, we fix the problem, it a goal, a purpose. It is why we wake up in the morning and work to either unite or as well divide. At some points the creations of man have wrecking balls and well as building cranes. We put our creations into the world and at some point whether purposefully or not can fall into the arms of evil as well as good. Unintended harm is in the eye of the beholder.

It is the desire to create; it is rarely the ability to see the ramifications of our creations. While Alfred Nobel invented Nitroglycerine, which in turn assisted the creation of Dynamite his desire to cut the costs of mining it was not intention for it to become ultimately deadly to so many. Mark Zuckerberg created Facebook in 2006 with the desire to link kids across a campus, instead created a mega-business that whether it was intended or not has destroyed many lives by allowing people to actually become markedly less socially aware, and enabling many kids an open doorway into the bullying. The United States created the nuclear weapon with the intention of ending a war, and always having the upper hand in warfare. Now the world lives under the veiled threat of being a misunderstanding away from a nuclear winter.

When an artist creates an image or a musical piece whether they own the copyright to that piece is rather irrelevant if it shapes art for the next artist. Our creations are in total chaos. We flap our wings of invention to create torrents of development or terror. The choice is not up to us. Once the project leaves our hands it no longer belongs to us, and nor does its original intent.

The desire to create is a difficult proposition to walk away if you are gifted to do so. The desire to create with a purpose and hope in mind for good with the Lord’s glory in mind will give your creation the ability to succeed for the greater for if not forever, but for longer than if you do it the worlds approval. Creation for the world’s approval is surface deep; it is also going to be more full of peril, degradation and unintended misuse. Simply put, if you do it for God’s glory in him and it is firm in Biblical wisdom and righteously sought, it will meet the needs of those for whom it was set apart.

Commit to the LORD whatever you do, and he will establish your plans. – PROV. 16:3 NIV

There other factors such as a call, a vision, simply put they “why” behind the “what” of your creation. As well as drive, consistency of the momentum behind the desire to complete the task at hand. The ability to put our vision into our creation is not a mindless, apathetic desire to make the doughnuts for doughnuts sake. We must know the joy the doughnuts put on people’s faces when they are consumed. The painter has an emotion in his brush, the vision gives way to the passion, the passion gives way to the impetus, the impetus leads the way to momentum and momentum leads the way prying the painting from the artists hands because the artist must know it is never truly finished. There is a legacy to the painting it goes on to inspire another or in worse case be perverted by an imitator or the critic who chooses to never create and riddle it with holes, never meaning to fully understand, because they fail to step out on faith and see what they have in their heart to be shared that chaotic as it may be, with growth, lessons, wisdom is theirs if for a moment to then release upon the world.

I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well. Psalm 139:14

God doesn’t make mistakes, he made you to correct a broken world. It was broken by man, made to be helped by man, but saved by Jesus.

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