Wearied Under the Willow, but Home.

And Adam gave names to all cattle, and to the fowl of the air, and to every beast of the field; but for Adam there was not found an help meet for him. – Gen 2:20 KJV

For man was busy, he had been set apart from God by his own desire for knowledge. It heaped upon mankind. We were now mortal and man was frustrated early on. The aggression grew nearly at every turn, as well the denial of self that we were in need of forgiveness and the word made flesh that would wipe the slate, for those that would call his name. However, for all time man was restless and desired more time to show his affections for what had not been given but what he could take.

In all those moments of conquering new lands, for new purpose, for wealth, and recognition, man plotted on in toil and frustration. Mankind would fill his heart with the pieces that would fill him up. After the moments of conquest he could remove the world’s own from under his nails and shout at the heavens how wrong his creator would be. It was in these moments he could claim his stolen birthright.

The truth was he could have stayed in, slept under the sun in a quiet pasture, because all the while the birthright was always his. He had allowed his this enumerable sense of lack to given to him by the evil one. The cycle continued the need to grow, and fall returned again and again. He just needed to accept that learning was fine with the Father, growth was acceptable. Perhaps the little tremors would die off like lines on a seismograph and the lessons would be less painful, his boasting less arrogant and the need to sabotage the life he was meant to lead would perish.Love for himself in the Lord would be his and he would walk in the shoes for which he was meant.

He would sleep in the pasture under God’s willow tree. All the questions would be answered and we would know all the faces and we would shout as angels into the Heavens ringing glory, the mercy seat has left my pain behind and the enemy – vanquished.


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