Perpetual Wisdom

The case for creation is always one for risk. Without taking a chance, without a step taken from the familiar, we take no chance to see with what we may be relatively untested or actual original thought. It is though our mastery of the small which leads us into the desire to take a chance on growing into a prayerfully considered chance on a vision which changes life to give gifts of wisdom to the many. If we can help one person, can we help more? The ability to grow from a small scale becomes the ability to help more. This in turn may lead us into a hope to fulfill our mandate as Christians on any proportion.

Are you worthy of your own thoughts? This sounds like a question for a philosopher or a madman. However the question is one that could be made clear. Obviously all people are worthy of their thoughts, they are ours to explore, mediate on further and even examine. It is when those thoughts are led down a path of misconceptions about self-worth, and values then we must ask ourselves where are your thoughts in that moment? The enemy puts a lie in your head to doubt even the most secure wisdom; why not something that could help many people.

I would urge to write your thoughts, speak to a trustworthy friend or family member. Your thoughts are to be judged. They are to be held captive to the point that they don’t poison your tongue. However if it looks like a duck, then most likely it is and move on. If you feel you are at a point of emotional and spiritual maturity, then be able to discern when to act upon your thoughts and words. In the meantime keep your mouth quiet and be humble.

My mother once warned me not to remember useless facts, as they would clutter my brain. Much in the same way of the expansive growth potential of the brain and the neuroplasticity that allows facts, negative thoughts to allow you to become hardwired for more pain. It is a painful lack of self-identity. As well this phenomena allows the positive thoughts to build momentum toward self-esteem, identity and overall positive growth.

Thinking negatively is perpendicular to the way God made us to be. God made our self-to be aligned with the way things are in heaven, absolute perfection. Our overdone, and harmful emotions that guide us into an incorrect understanding of our self-awareness grow sideways choking out the way God made your personal self-worth to be, keeping you from building on God’s word. These negative emotions and misconceptions are like a weed choking Gods words that grow in your heart allowing you to see yourself in his image.

Still other seed fell on good soil. It came up, grew and produced a crop, some multiplying thirty, some sixty, some a hundred times.” Mark 4:8

If the enemy can send circumstance at you that you are not covered for in prayer that which you are not prepared to deal, then your ability to see yourself as a strong confident person who is more than enough will not be retained.

It is more likely if you cannot see yourself in God’s image then you will indeed fall away. God’s image is not full of anxiety and sideways anger that perpetually chokes the word of God. In this instance you are a dog chasing your tail sabotaging success.

Instead try Growth and wisdom that allow you to instead focus on life towards the Father, making good decision after another, no longer harming you in a way that keeps God from blessing you. Success and failure are both built on perpetual motion. You have to get the ball rolling, the momentum with which path you take does not always roll with the same pace. I would say momentum toward spiritual death is much faster that trying to build momentum built on one good decision after another.

God will always intercede taking time out of momentum so that you may learn more and learn it well. The differences between these two types of momentum are exponentially different, just like the difference between the efforts in going up and down in a free fall versus using thrust to lift.

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