Kinder, Gentler, More Productive…

At one point does the confrontation of two ideas meet? When do we understand the difference between a hypocrite and the person who actually believes enough in more than one line in the sand? Why draw lines in the sand? Instead lets build sand castles.

In our society, the thought police are governing not only our way of thinking, but also our overall belief systems. We’ve actually become our very own thought police. We are now at the point where we say: “I shouldn’t, I might get in trouble.” This is not exactly original thought at this point but it bears repeating that we are in a time of devolution.

When in college the academic dean of the school approached me for a brief meeting. My GPA wasn’t the issue; it didn’t shine though. She talked to me about what she felt was a growing issue that was trouble for our nation – political correctness. She was hoping that I would leave my mark, and I would be inspired by her pep talk to be out of line and buck the trend. My grades did get better. My ability to stand in the way of political correctness to stop those that hinder our ability for free thought is small, and has had no harm to the monster that has our country in regression in the name of making it a safer place.

We are a better society in the terms we use, but far worse based on the things we subscribe to and encourage for our young people. Some adults actually think it is a good idea for a child who cannot tell the difference between right and left to make a decision about their gender. As a society we believe a couple is better apart than together when there is a child in the picture. No father, no problem some would say, but every child needs a dad – an influence to lead them to navigate tough decisions and to handle issues that men should relate to their children. How can it be a good idea for all people to be forced to not be even speak of Jesus in school, or pray in school? If a valedictorian faces punishment for giving credit to God for their success, then the enemy has more than a foothold.

Due to the effects of political correctness on our ability to live in a free thinking society, where the first amendment was guaranteed as a right. It is now at the point that across all forms of our country that free speech is now in the rear-view mirror. The media, and even within your homes and workplace – that steadily declined to a virtual cesspool where no one is sure what is safe. Television, print and now social media have set out to divide through selling based on its means of inspiring fear first, and it attempts to remove any feeling of contentment.

We are a nation divided. Division is shown in our neighborhoods, workplaces, and party lines. In short this nation is possibly regressing at speeds faster than anytime in history. We’re unemployed, underemployed, beat on corporations, and looking for answers. Where do we look? Our smartphone? Our feed? We search for truth in the pixels instead of the truth of God’s word and looking inward through the truth and the life. There was a time where we were much more united as a country, but as we look to answers from the media, our devices, and things not of God. The more we disallow God in our lives the more we become lost, and look to the enemy’s answers via all forms of the media.

I’m as guilty as the next person. Where is Howard Beale from the 1976 film Network, saying: “I’m mad as hell, and I’m not going to take it anymore!” He died and we are left with the art imitating what has never been real, two or three times over, and never as good as the original.

Can we allow ourselves to understand that we can vote any way we want to, attend or not attend any church, and be free to think anyway possible? As a Christian I also must understand the same freedom that allows a person to choose salvation is the same free thought that allows people to walk in their own direction until they choose to be free indeed. Freedom of thought is not the right to choose a politician or a political stance, but to choose his or her own thoughts. If we can move to a place where freedom pushes the envelope rather than conformity pushing us into a corner, than we may continue to be more evolved.

Do not allow an agenda to remove yourself from you getting to know who you are and grow into what God has made you to become. The thought police are hiding in the bushes on many Americans’ brain. We punish individuality by closing the doors to those that exercise freedom of thoughts by their actions. It doesn’t really matter whom you are advocating for? Both sides of the line will tell you to hush, hush – because voices carry.

We hold one another back, while not showing the ability to confront. We don’t want to be confronted. I submit there was a time when confrontation was encouraged and deemed helpful to improve our world, without vitriolic hate, patronizing dialogue and outright bullying. We were in a place and time which encouraged discussion. However it was based on actual discussion. It was based over dinner parties, coffee and people speaking face to face. The social network that was designed to unite has separated people from having open discussion. Photo opportunities – yes, discussion – no.

Those who have conviction and integrity do not fit into literal definitions of what others feel should be important characteristics of conviction and integrity are signs that someone is a free thinker. For a lot of us I feel that we either feel that we have to be part of a movement, a global based agenda for change instead of just having friends and being intentional people that can encourage one another to act upon ideas. A storm starts with the just a little warm wind against the opposite.

Unique and simple will always have more to disarm than large and built upon weight. In Malcolm Gladwell’s book the Tipping Point he states that communities and organization’s can no longer withstand proper dissemination of information past the number of 150. How many people can you truly say you know well enough to communicate your ideas in an accurate and truthful manner past the point of 150? That number is a mark that he asserts a community can no longer be efficient and as well helpful to the mission.

Keep it small, keep it agile with an idea to help those within the group but with a means to take the idea outward. Forget what your fears are about what people may think, if it is sound, based on thought that inspired by truth it will grow. It will not grow based on the truth of the world, but the truth of the word that became flesh.

1 In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. He was with God in the beginning. Through him all things were made; without him nothing was made that has been made. In him was life, and that life was the light of all mankind. The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it.

The enemy may have many of us at times on the ropes, and we may be in a season of losing hope in many areas of the Lord’s work. He will overcome it, he has shown every rebellious generation that he is the Lord, and none shall overcome Him.

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