The Lies of Fight Club

Let’s talk about Fight Club. Where does God fit into this thriller? The film itself shows two selves literally battling against one another in an antagonist versus protagonist manner. Battling is the key word here as the film’s premise promoted bare-knuckled men locked into a larger struggle against conformity and commercialism. The question begs though, where does God fit in?

Understanding God’s role in the film based off Chuck Palahniuk‘s 1996 book became the film by the same name is difficult until you remember God’s role in all of our lives; and that is that he is our Heavenly Father. As the Narrator, played by Edward Norton and Tyler Durden, by Brad Pitt were scrubbing blood from their faces and recounting the days gone by, a theme arises in their lives: the presence of a earthly Father in their lives. They share a tale of the vacant spot of their father filled with checkpoint conversations with their Dads.

The two tell of the Dads who was never there for them and his role in forming quintessential decisions in their lives such as get a job, get married and so on. Later in the film Tyler Durden gives a speech to his keyed up members of his newly formed organization of men. He, the antagonist at this point, which is the turning point of the film, tells of the idea that maybe God doesn’t love them, that they were going to be rock stars filled with fame and all the trappings that go with that; but they won’t and they should accept their roles and move on or become like him and become destructive harming anyone they can to a point. They are given instructions to lose a fight, with the notion in mind of adopting more men into the Fight Club. The ball of terror rolls trapping others into a misconception of following a madman, a liar whose only motive is to hurt the commercial machine by trapping others into a lie that God does not love his sons. Old testament failings of man or not, we know that “For God did love the world so much he gave his one and only, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life. For God did not send his son to condemn the world, but to save the world through him” John 3:16-17

Roles of how men view how men view God and their father are formed from upbringing. The point however small are hard to see in the film in this regard and are very true in the world versus kingdom culture. The world says we don’t need a father; so many men abuse the right of being a father. They leave, were never there in the first place or placate their immaturity by being boys themselves with devices, video games, alcohol and drugs. They form relationships with the world instead of their children.

Those that have healthy father figures in their lives are more successful, and are more likely to not have behavioral issues. The National Center for Children in Poverty state that men who grew up without a father are twice as  likely to leave school or become jailed and have a enormous chance of behavioral issues and to have emotional issues down the road.

Contrary to what people think who have not been to church it is not to meet single women, though if you have your mind and spirit in the right place, I would say why not? It is not a business club. Churches are in the business of repairing the damage done by broken homes, trauma survivors, those whose heart has been sold lies. There they find a father figure, they find forgiveness for those that hurt them and for themselves because they have hurt others.

Not to say imperfect people should not be able to raise kids, I’m saying there are lot of damaged people in the world like Tyler Durden who continue to hurt people just far enough to turn them into beasts who can then start a devolution that starts a wave that smashes anything near, and carries everything it touches away.

Until we are cleansed by what Jesus did for us, whether it be from a friend that leads you to Jesus or a baptism in the River Jordan, it does not matter we are carrying a mark, much like the one Tyler Durden or the Narrator gave to their members of Fight Club that burned to terror that could only be taken away by vinegar. While blessed water is a baptismal instrument by the hand of God, Tyler tells us that water will just make the pain last longer. He is indeed the enemy, while his followers only believe in devolution and destruction. If you speak of his plan, it makes procreation more difficult as per his direction to his cohorts.

The important idea of the film is not the fighting, or the anti-commercialism, the need to realize one’s true potential in my mind or even the cult’s barracks on Paper Street. The key role in the film is how men have no active role model in their lives and no constructive outlets to build strong families and even stronger communities. They have to instead actually set us backward. Instead of Tyler encouraging them to seek God, he asks them to put his faith in a club. We know that God is bigger than any group ever congregated under the sun, and we must remain fixed on that while understanding we should never put our trust in mankind, because we are broken and fallen and it through the Lord that we even exist with grace given to us by our Heavenly Father.

The lies that Tyler tells to his followers are the main reason many Fight Club watchers may have been left with the feeling that his character was filled with in-congruent hypocrisy and his actions that did not meet his speech. It is for this reason I believe the Enemy’s role in this film is obviously Tyler Durden. The Narrator works constantly to put back what Tyler is attempting to destroy at the same time.  The Narrator represents the broken works of man that we struggle to achieve anything compared the glory that we cannot understand that God has made for us.

This film is difficult to watch because the central theme is a story to fill us with lies under the guise of anti-commercialism. In short the film is an abomination of God. It misses it mark and has to tell us the plot, rather than show us the plot. While date night for this film was about two-decades ago, if it is blood on fists you need then watch Conor McGregor.

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