Pride ≠ Hope

Pride? How dangerous is it? How far down a temptation led path of utter humiliation can it lead you? It depends on how strongly a possibly misguided belief system holds. It sounds at first an oxymoron and implausible that pride can lead to devastation and a life without a bondage to Christ and instead bondage to sin. Pride to many seems as if it would be the lead in to your favorite athlete overcoming the impossible.

Pride appears from the outside as harmless. We are told to feel good about ourselves daily with as the prototypical article ‘17 ways to love yourself and be finally happy’ and we count them off one by one applying an opinion of a Blog writer from Whereverville to tell you how to re-think your life whom obtained a online graduate degree in psychology when the English degree didn’t work out. Switching over to your social media feed, you press on scrolling down the feed with endless comparison of yourself to her, imitations of others’ glorified lives and “…wow, doesn’t she have an amazing metabolism considering what I heard.” We have all done it; I am especially guilty of ignoring the truth about my perceived persona to how I may actually be.

We press on projecting the way we feel about ourselves onto others. Let me explain this clearly. Most likely, the way you feel about others, whether it is distrust, envy or even hero worship or the tendency to place yourself as better than another – then you will ultimately assume others will feel the same about you. If you harbor anger at your ‘frenemy’, you will assume comments and innocent statements were meant in harm and conversely we set up the same paradigm when we think too well of others and trick ourselves into a misled understanding of how we love ourselves.

We then build models and constructs in our minds through neural plasticity that leads us to more and more untruths and perceptions based on one slight or two that were most likely harmless and was most likely meant in love. People when given the chance, when you meet them where they are, disarmed, can be loving and not the person you may have imagined at all. They are you and they are me.

My whole premise seems contradictory and untrue. How can we be insecure and as well be full of pride? Also, how can we feel of pride and appear to be the happiest of the happy? It is because many of us, including me either are or have been rooted in frustration of the lack of hope.

The good news is that we are creations in in the image of God for the Glory of God, and with prayer and honest work to understand yourself more you will led to love yourself into a place where others opinions are meaningless. You will walk in freedom. I say this at the moment of struggling with this very point myself. It is the suffering that brings the growth to get you closer the love for yourself that God intends.

Just using the example of God’s love for Israel despite unbelief and outright rebellion we see this as our own Heart for God. We may all have unresolved anger and pain that puts in a place of doubt and leaves us asking, why? Why does God allow us to be put through trials? So that we may enter the promised land ready to receive the Promise of a new Hope – Jesus, who forgives our sins.

Through experience in suffering we are ultimately given the wisdom and knowledge that we may point to back to a moment in time and say, “that is when I was shown by a lamp that led me to this place, and then another through Jesus guiding us through the rooms of his mansion he has made for us, that we make turn after turn. We learn to trust, learning more about ourselves until we see what he has prepared. A new creation, full of wonder and built on the word, fully prepared to meet Jesus at the mercy seat.

When will be there? Are we perfect creations, we are in his image but sinful at birth. Accept it or not. We allow ourselves; we choose to accept the direction gives us, Do I know if taking one path instead of another will lead to the same place? No, but God does. We cannot control all situations, nor can we control the people who intersect these paths.

What then for those whom we feel did not find salvation? What of the sinner, who in our minds did not on this Earth in our midst accept Jesus? What then, are they doomed to suffer for eternity? Those bound by addiction, the babies whom cannot say a word, much less make a rational decision about faith, hope and accepting of Jesus into their hearts? These are answers that I do not have. Do we know if angels come to those and ask those if they want to accept Jesus in their last breaths? It is possible… I am one of those who believes all things are possible in Christ, and am also one of the 24% of Americans who understand what wisdom in the word tell us about the work of Angels.

As those in a modern age we may see ourselves without hope at times living a life tied to a model of what we think our life should be. We think we understand cynicism, deceit, and hypocrisy. In this modern age we are steeped in ‘drop the mic’ insecurity. Instead we lack in the wisdom of hope, love for and by the Father and ability to have a heart free enough to accept others in their hardest times.

I have said so many cynical and harmful statements to guard my lack of wisdom. Does it mean my spirit is unclean? I am not a loving person? No, it means I am working on me while at the same time knowing as we need to be patient, kind, trusting, envious, not boastful and not prideful… we know that God is none of these things for those that love him, because whether we forget it or not he does not keep a record of wrongs.

He is a healing, loving God full of provision, Grace and also Mercy. That is the short list. There are an infinite number of ways He can show you how to love Him. Trust, faith and the understanding if we look to ourselves as the person in charge of correcting wrongs then we are not counting on him. If we cannot please God by trusting him, we cannot live in his abundance either.




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