The First Amendment.

I am writing this as the protests in Boston are forming and the police are pushing protesters back.

We are pushing ourselves back. We are beginning to form a critical mass of misunderstanding of what freedom is. This mass is becoming a force binding against what was at one time contemporary thought. At one time we knew what was sacred to this country, while at the same time attempting to understand one another, attempting to stand on the idea at least, that we were created equal under God’s mighty hand. We founded the country as flawed as it may be that rights were guaranteed. The freedom of assembly, and as well the right to free speech are a constitutional right. Now we march in protest to have these rights stripped, and removed. Hate speech is obviously wrong. Do you know how many times I have heard the word psycho and had it attached to me and then feeling less than a criminal? It is the person who speaks hate that has the problem, they are the individuals with growth ahead, and that growth is up to God and them, not the other way around. We march toward into a dystopian ideal that so many men have stated in a prophetic manner. Namely George Orwell.

We watch as people bloody their faces, and lose their lives under the mistaken ideal that one race is superior and another inferior. We know this way to govern a land is also by definition and by history pointing out flawed, misguided and dangerous. Freedom of assembly is not against the law, but basic human rights; our country does not guarantee these rights, our creator endows them. Truth, it is unavoidable and people won’t seem to see it until it is right up in their face. The freedoms to assemble and to protest one race rising against up another? Yes, please I’ll have a second helping of that. I believe another generation saw a prophet names Martin Luther King Jr. head that understanding.

However when we then take that one step further and try to take a step to remove the ability to discuss these ideals… no thanks. How can this be? People are marching to take away hate speech and damaging rhetoric, I understand the desire to remove the emotion of hate against those different from us. It is however a slippery slope to take away one person’s right to speak their mind and attempt to guarantee another’s right to speech. We cannot have it both ways. A trend becomes a movement and a movement becomes law, or have we forgotten hate crime legislation?

We need to pray, we need to understand our societies’ desire to make this a country we all believe in and want to raise children in – free of hate. We cannot stand by and attempt to move some into a corner and others into the house of good will and understanding. When you need that ability to speak your mind in the future you will thank what the First Amendment guarantees: not only the freedom of the press, freedom of the press but also the freedom to assemble.

What will happen if this trend continues is that we will grow into a class based caste system where one must stay in their own social context, and not deviate their choices on who, what, where, when and how they will love? We cannot have the misunderstanding that disallowing people to speak their minds is somehow going to change anyone emotions and opinions on anything until God moves into their heart and makes a fundamental change in the individual’s mind. God moves the heart, not legislation. No leader, no movement is ever going to change the human heart. That is God’s job, and I can tell you firsthand that is job one for the Almighty, I would assume, but hey He’s God and I am a blogger with about 10 readers.

It is up to us to allow God to make that change in us. Until then it is just talk. We will never move away from hate speech without removing the hate in the heart. It takes time and understanding.

Unfortunately with every punch thrown, every panel on your favorite news channel moves us farther and farther away from the center of how God created us: Equal. We are not equal in a way most would like to think. His desire for you is not is to put you in a place to forcibly make decisions for others.

Stuff white people like: having an ‘informed opinion’ on race and poverty, and then going out for sushi and cocktails, after becoming inflamed about those that are beneath them in their minds, or leading the tired and oppressed because they posted about it on social media.

It is exactly what it is. We cannot sway God. God doesn’t make a mistake, and if you think we can ask God to change the world, then ask God to change your heart. Pray, pray for our leaders to make informed decisions, pray for God to sway our county in a direction of peace and understanding. Marching to stand in in the way of hate speech will always, and I mean, always be fruitless if we do not change our hearts. I’m not saying that the assemblies aren’t meant to be helpful; I believe the motivation is in the right place, but it is through humility and saying, “I will trust you Lord”. If you aren’t a believer please understand that there is a God and he loves all of us, even the people you stand with is in defiance against of God. In the face of this near terror I must say I will trust in God.

Is free speech a simple thing to say that we don’t need if we cannot have hate in our hearts? Is it a fair trade? In a matter of simple science… no. Matter cannot be created or destroyed. Regardless we are attempting to destroy something man cannot change, only God, that is the way we see one another. We have given this movement of moving toward a dystopian, devolved world life and meaning.

By nights end, I do not see Boston’s rallies ending in a peaceful manner. I urge you to go to your prayer room, shut the lights off and pray for this country, and pray for God to make an amazing change in us, not leaders, or the news media. The news media will do anything possible to make this worse. There is a gleam in the eye of the enemy doing anything he can to hurt our country, and we are handing over the keys with every step.

I have to start with myself, and do just this: ask for forgiveness in any way I have made a way to make my own heart a battleground, and pray for the safety of both sides in Boston tonight as this country takes another step.

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