Carbon Dating vs. The Heart

Dinosaurs have been carbon dated to millions of years ago. Slam the Bible shut, done slam-dunk on God, the end. Not so fast in fact, not ever. Science versus the Word of God; who wins? Does a theory win? Where does the human heart stand in the middle of this battle?

Science has not one single shred of information to explain the human heart. Science does not explain humankind desire to know more of their soul. Science can’t explain why we long for loved ones after they have passed. Nor can it explain why after years of battling nightmares and also sleep disorders under a myriad of falling for one lie after another, that after I accepted Jesus as my Lord and Savior there was a slam dunk on that. Boom, done, slam the door on bondage to those demons. Will I employ the work of science in my life? Well yes, of course. Bacterial infections are cured by science and furthered by Doctors. Making my life better, in fact livable.

I think people in their moments of doubt reach for answers; we reach for a more clear understanding of why we are here and what are the answers for the pains of our life. Where does science stand on this? Science would explain it with the neurotransmitters and their exchange with of dendrites in the synaptic gaps that form electrical reactions that spawn the growth of memory, learning and a host of other functions of the brain. Science has yet to explain the desire to believe in anything other than you. Thank God people many people start there, those that want forgiveness, well that is also amazing.

In these times of absolute doubt even among believers especially in midst of a storm that this nation is in our doubt calls us to walk in faith like never before. Walking in Faith that God has the answers and it is not up to me to know them on subjects such as Faith, destiny and as well as practical questions such as sex, love and money. The Bible when employed with prayer and confidence in the Holy Spirit will answer these questions. These are questions we all have. What do we have to answer these questions, no amount of carbon dating will explain these answers, but God in his infinite wisdom has given us directions and a road map called the Holy Bible.

Your beliefs will be called into question as a believer, or disciple of God, count on it. Know that you will be called to answer a question that you will be able to answer or you will be unable to answer. As that believer it is up to you to be a representative of God and of his Word. You are the light on a hill, a beacon of truth and wisdom for the world to see, even if your world is you, your family and those in your workplace. Often our actions are the best determination of who we are, I promise that if you do not show yourself to be a compassionate lover or people, you will fail. I know because I have failed and will most likely again. But we get up, and are repentant and move on.

Science will not be able to answer your neighbors questions about why his relationships always seem to end in disaster and is the problem in how he views women. By the way, the Bible has always empowered women, whether a lack of personal responsibility has robbed you of God’s truth.

You will be called to explain that God did not invent the calendar and your wristwatch, or time; man did. You will be called to explain your thoughts on why a plane vanishes off the map and why would God want these things. You will be called to explain why comfort comes in the wisdom that God forgives even when we mess up on a regular basis, God does not catalogue them as this sin worse than that sin. People will. You will be called a thumper and you will be called to remind yourself that people hated Jesus, his disciples. You may all the while be giving to charities and helping others, but you will be called to explain why some, and not all churches appear to be homes of the rich and not the tired, poor and homeless. All the while knowing it would be unlike teachings of the Bible to explain your giving. Offering the other cheek comes in many ways.

We are entirely his beloveds. His creation his care for you dates back before T-Rex was wiped off the face of the earth. Will you be able to explain how he created the heaven and earth? It will not matter though when you ask the question to the person filled with doubt, and the desire to know more of him or herself. You do get to ask questions of those who need answers.

We always feel the need to fire back answers that explain why we trust, why we have Faith and why we are called to care. Instead it may be more helpful to ask who hurt you to be so distrustful of God who cares for his people more than any scientific evidence to contradict his love. It is possible more likely than not it is because that person lost someone, and beliefs of what is good has vanished.

We cannot explain God’s workings or why he allowed Satan to even take all that belonged to Job. I can guarantee you the one possible lesson is a tough to hear. That answer is to show that person that with God that person will be victorious and as well God will always have the ultimate victory. Throughout the Bible God always shows up on the winning side, and loves to take the credit. I’m good with that, he’s been earning that since forever.

We have a hard time understanding that as humans that a God whom we cannot see and touch is there for them. He is fact on guard to and ready to lead you out of the darkness, no matter how much little light there appears to be leading them from the dark. That is why I know we need to return to him, the God of love and devotion. He has not given up once. He will let Satan have his way for a moment, but is waiting for the moment to remind this already defeated being that he has yet to win a fight.

I write this in the midst of my own struggles and as well I know in my future there are the most difficult times are still ahead that I have ever experienced. If a young asks you why God should be relied on instead of their own understanding? Then ask them what human example; what scientific theory will ever lead them from a heavy heart?

Ask them to look ahead with not the eyes of someone who has seen a few things, instead tell them about when you thought God let you down and what you learned instead. Go Biblical and ask when their thoughts were higher than that of men who were torn in two, boiled alive or decapitated rather than exchange their Faith, why would they do such things? It is because they know not just what awaits them but what was behind them.

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