United We Blame

This country is faced with seemingly a tragedy nearly everyday with a myriad of ways for us to view these events. We weigh in, publicly, privately and attempt to make sense of the horror that unfolds. As we look at the devastation of the Houston, Texas area storms and flooding we are faced with a saga that unfolds giving us another viewpoint.
We have seen hatred in Charlottesville; school and church shootings. There many people each day shot in Chicago and many other evidenced based realities of the knowledge we are living separate from one another in an attempt to pursue happiness. It is the eyes from above we care less about than the approval from one another. It seems if we could stand united as many Samaritans have in Texas things might make more sense. You do what is right for another first.
In the wake of 9/11 we stood together as the bumper sticker suggested we stood against anything that might block the way of us being one. It was in the those moments many people found amazing hope not just in God. There were many people faced to make peace with those events. We fractured eventually in our usual doubting ways, but the truth is that we were more alike than we we are apart.
However now we see the media, social media, people in their homes and workplace attempt to divide rather than bring us together. In time the finger pointing will most likely begin at the federal government, the leaders in Texas and why so many churches did not open their doors to those in need.
Largely we meet the explanations of this desire to meet our need for closure about the story and how it makes sense. We have the perpetual need for our beliefs in justice to meet the needs of others who share the same attitudes as ourselves. We option for group think, rather than just think, or even observe and reaching out to help in any way possible.
We as Americans are united in one thing at these times, and that is hate. We form the need for a narrative to unfold that will allow us to blame a situation upon another, and usually that other, if you will, is someone completely different than us. They are different from the way we were raised, share different beliefs, but like you, they care for their family, care for their jobs and the ability to nurture themselves.
People place blame on others for the relief of having something make sense. When a terrorist blows up a market – told you so, when a white man kills an black man – told you so, but when a storm knocks a state, or an entire region on it’s backside – what then?
Then at that point we broaden our range of blame, we broaden our scope of understanding in our eyes to know who is to blame, and nonetheless it is people attempting to make sense of a situation that has no perfect answer. In our nine to five corporate job someone is taking the blame for this no matter what mindset, we rush to judgment and then cast stones at leaders who are faced with decisions that are difficult to make. If you think it is easy to make a decision that will affect the many instead of the few, or the other way around, then reach beyond your own understanding of being a team leader at your local widget factory may bring upon you. Decisions are not easy to make and until you have made many unpopular choices, that bring good endings and others bad endings without regard to your reputation. If you haven’t or cannot it might be a good time to just observe for a while.
As to why people you don’t love people the way you should, and why others act on this hate and kill – I don’t know. There was time when we knew that person wasn’t ‘right in the head’ and we moved on, knowing that most of humanity, while flawed, knows pulling the trigger and maiming the innocent is just wrong.
People are good when given the chance. When we continually tell one another who share different attitudes and different sides of the ballot box that they are evil, then the more people aren’t right will intensify their hatred and move toward true unadulterated evil. Then we will have to not just post something clever for the right angle on the story, but also be forced to explain tragedies to a young person who cannot form an opinion. You might want to be sure your explanations aren’t based in derision if you not actually believe in not perpetuating lies about people whom you will likely never know or have much in common.
If we instead acted upon a more simple belief system that was not centered on division and party lines we might find ourselves in a place of change moving toward actual progress instead of a constant state of disgust.
If you would rather live life with polar, all or nothing, way of living then I can guarantee a few things: more anger, more unrest in your family and an unwavering shadow over everything you say and attempt to grow in your life. If you think you can grow something into a success that is centered on you, you’d be wrong. If you think you can take apart something that God grew, with your help you would be especially incorrect in that case.

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