No, and He is Different.

“I met a guy.” Said Rachel the young woman with her goals straight in front of her, no debt, and a past of meeting the wrong man at what she thought was the right time. “Do I know him?” her friend Susan asked, always skeptical of men and who was the right guy for her friend of the last three years. “No, and he is different.” Rachel reacted.

“He is the first guy that held the door for me and also asked about me first, without telling me about himself first. He was polite and but asked me an odd question.”

“Well it had to be if who you voted for, or where you grew up?” Susan questioned.

“Nope, he asked me what I wanted in a relationship; he went on to ask if I valued myself in the way I felt I deserved to be treated or how my father valued me.”

“He sounds weird. There has got to be a normal man out there for you.” Susan said, dismissing the man as the kind of guy who delivered lines, not promises.


Where do we stand in this world as meeting one another half way or in the way we were meant to? Can a man and a woman meet each other where they are? Can we, as people demand change from people, when they are not there yet. Can we allow God to be God and trust the path he has set for us, and as well our families?

I have thought so many times about the path I set upon, within my own understanding, and in maturity, or the lack of the wisdom and experience. I as a maturing adult have said to myself so many times, if I had that night back, that one night when God flipped me on my backside and said – ‘Fine that’s the way it’s going to be, well then, this may take a little longer’, as if I knew.

But I will “Take courage, he’s in the waiting.” Regret and ruminating are two things we were never born with. Worry that is for suckers, but pain in a lesson, and learning that lesson from the inside out, that is truly something. Still I do worry and attempt to control the circumstances while at the same time doing what I can to walk by faith. It is interesting how much we trust God with the small things like our finances, but when we will release the healing forgiveness that awaits there and continue to control what we can only hope to maintain. This is difficult to grow when we cannot obtain blessings when we are in a place not pleasing God, but struggling to please him through our works.

You see, Rachel’s suitor obviously is dealing his cards as they have been played to him. Rachel walks a path built on disbelief, hurt and rejection. Is it her fault? Not a chance. Will she recover from the wound of past hurts? I believe so. It might just take her a little longer as she walks from the waters will work ahead. Can we be both Rachel and her hopeful betrothed? The answer to that is a resounding yes.

When we walk in love. We walk a path where God only wants to reward us and the enemy is defeated. Is this writing about recovery, sort of? It is about the understanding that because we have been saved that doesn’t mean that Jesus is done with us, and on to the next sinner. It means there is work ahead for the most mature Christian. We stand on guard, we fail one day, get up and try again the next. However only God knows that when you operate in love.

We walk because we can, the ability to have the insight into our growth is truly a beautiful thing, and we must be thankful for that we think, pray, and meditate and keep God’s word in heart It will guide us to a resting place of wisdom and discernment. Is it always pretty? Standing on the rock isn’t always pretty, no.

America is a society that is not a pretty place to live. How do people explain the big picture of these last years to their kids? I realize something more and more about the stages of the nations growth: we fail to give love rather than being supportive of those who are just trying to be nice. Being nice isn’t always easy, as I should know. Asking a question of how it should be done or telling while not always welcomed is a natural human tendency, having an answer, or at least a compassionate ear to another’s solution works too.

We mourn for this land. We are in a state of discomfort where we perpetually mourn the loss of innocence. I especially know the older generations shake their heads in sorrow of a country that is not the vision of what they had in mind wen they sent their kids off to school so many years ago, or something that is potentially more final.

The stages of loss start through as many as five or more stages. We vacillate back and forth in these moments and days looking for answers. We grind out the days, waiting for an answer to these questions hoping for an answer. We judge one another in a cycle, that only leads to self-disgust because we know good and well that is wrong. We then beat ourselves up for out thoughts, which will most likely become actions if we do not guard our hearts. We may opt to notice the judgment, understand our human frailty and move into understanding of our soul and move on to giving ourselves a break, while not forgetting the emotion of judgment.

It is the way that God loves you like the good father. If you believe, trust and have faith this is true, then we know, pretty or not the answers will come. Recollection and the teaching of that remembrance emitted like light to not repeat our past mistakes. In the big picture, for societies’ lessons, they take longer. Ask yourself, I am helping, or am I hurting those whom I influence. If we believe we guide the needle of understanding, which of course is problematic, then say nothing.

If we spread our opinions that are not held up by biblical facts of what Jesus taught, then we are polluting our lives as well as the lives of others.

Susan asked sharply after polishing off her coffee, “what did you tell this man who it sounds like I will never meet?”

Rachel responded with a quirky smile, “I told him, ‘I will call you tonight, I think that you may have asked me the single most important question I have ever had on a date. I want to know more about how I should be treated, and I am hoping you can help with that.’”





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