i am not a blank slate…

I am not a blank slate. Being washed in the water and the spirit does not remove the lessons that need to be applied and understood in order to have a spirit of truth and wisdom. I write how it should be for myself, and not always to the way it exists. Still the knowledge that an unexamined heart can lead to a fallen soul, it is beyond important that we study our actions.

Carrying hurts? How does one heal a hurt or wound without carrying the way it feels? Instead carry the lesson, give the emotional pain to Jesus. Carry it to the cross and leave it there. Unresolved hurt without the forgiveness that Jesus provides is a jungle I would imagine, and I don’t care snakes and bugs. I wish to know the lessons of wisdom with objective wisdom and not subjective pain to match.

I am a man who was once foolish enough to feel he could tackle life’s problems one year at a time like a hobby I would entertain until I felt I had a grasp on my life’s hurts and misconceptions. Instead I now that I cannot put God’s plan in how I heal, how I tackle hurts and misgivings. It is such while I feel almost no pain from my past, I carry the scars or the road maps of those lessons I learned so well. They are not unlike the tattooed man who has a history of each era and moment of his life that with each design tells a new story.

I understand my continuing story grows along with the contentment that trusting in God and as well Faith brings, but also there are the lessons of what happened to avoid having to relearn lessons. A blank slate is not the same as having your sins washed clean. The blank slate is really a difficult understanding of what we are in Christ. I welcome comments, knowledge and wisdom from those who either take issue with the notion of a blank slate, or whether it Is rather God’s view on you, his creation.

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