Chaos Becomes Revival

Consensus based reality supposes that we understand the same reality to be true because it is agreed upon by those experiencing this same perceived reality.

My wife and remember the home we first lived in differently no matter how much we would like. It is hard to imagine how one would perceive every nuance of a person, place or thing exactly the same as another person. For the sake of reality we use closure to mutually understand our surroundings and as well the lives we lead, just as people use closure to understand others they don’t know. As well people view us differently than we understand the perception of ourselves. It is true that no matter how many times we look a reflection of ourselves we will never see how we truly are in each other’s eyes, but we try and try.

That being said, if we extrapolate the analogy of an agreed upon reality being just that agreed upon, then couldn’t it be true that if we lived in a small one bedroom apartment like my wife and I do, for a good long while, like we have: then wouldn’t it be true that this reality would become more agreed upon and this home would become closer and closer to a near exact replica of how we each viewed this place as one? Our consensus based reality coming closer and closer to truth as we know it.

Let’s look upon this in the present as it applies to Earth. Couldn’t it be said that the more we as humans continue to agree upon at least the means of communication and as well the way we access this information and as well the power of daily events create a mass of sorts? Science also dictates that thought it creates consciousness in the framework of matter in our brains. So the events of our time create living matter, due to neurotransmitters and neurons forming brain tissue. If we gave and all knowing being with infinite power of knowledge and wisdom we could in fact suppose that God did in fact speak life into creation because one cannot speak without thought. This particular essay is not about creation however.

On Earth the more we create an agreed upon realty that the sky is indeed blue, or is at least that hue, than we can move to further and further suppositions based on values and beliefs. Take for this argument, global warming. Ninety-seven percent of all scientists agree that climate change is happening before our eyes. How long have we agreed upon electrons and the make-up of subatomic particles? These beliefs have been self-evident for a relatively short time, yet the consensus for the majority of people on earth is that these are just a hair’s breath from fact.

If we continue upon this vein than can know that an event, goods news or bad could be not so much as a true paradigm shift for may but a truly remarkable event to create a quake-like stir in our collective consciousness that could not be denied. A value would be placed upon this event. It would be a line in the sand that no man could call any other man a liar about the existence or the value of this event.

While a billion or so people already believe that a man walked this Earth that changed time forever, than couldn’t another event allow us all to see that we all believe in something magnificent that it would be an undeniable revelation that would be short of the actual tribulation on Earth but still create enough undeniable critical belief to unite us. This could be much like America was after attacks on September 11, 2001, or when a man first walked on our Moon.

John Bevere said in his book, The Fear of the Lord that as we move further along in our time that so many people would come to know Jesus which would dwarf any revival in the past. I believe he is correct, and as frightening event it might have to be for such a thing to happen, a seemingly exact image of what we all see one day might actually be irrelevant. Furthermore the image of what you saw is important but not as important as the lasting memory of the image and what it provoked you to do next. Because no matter the stimulus, no matter how small or large it is impossible to not react or respond to something as small as a butterfly flying or a mountain crumbling unless you are completely asleep.

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