Run Your Race

Galatians 1:10 New International Version

Am I now trying to win the approval of human beings, or of God? Or am I trying to please people? If I were still trying to please people, I would not be a servant of Christ.

Paul had moved from becoming a man in transition to becoming an Apostle. He had made been called and been consoled by Jesus that the His grace was sufficient for him. No longer was he in need to explain who he was he had to make his mind that he would be enough in that the Lord had created him not for Paul’s purpose, but as a tool to be used by the Lord.

For people not drawn down by the cares of this world he was in fact as close to a man who could not be courted by the cares of the world. His suffering did not need to be his calling card. It came with the territory. It wasn’t who he was; it was on his heels. It was the dirt on his feet. Suffering no longer needed to be immortalized in his travels and a source of debate. He walked from Corinth to Thessalonian Churches in order to right the wrongs.

How different are we? Well for the most part our lives are distinctly different in that we go to work, take the trash out, make dinner, watch TV and spend time scrolling through lives of many we don’t know. It would be difficult at best to lead the life of an Apostle, especially when even modern day leaders in Faith based culture are lifted as high as disciples in the Bible. How can we as either the people who lead the regular life and those with 50,000 followers seemingly watching their every move make the moments in between be as pleasing to God as Paul’s road was?

Simply, we feel we do not, but can we? What is the life that is pleasing to God what are we when we attempt to please others rather than pleasing God? We are transparent to him. We attempt our cleverness, which to be sure has never pleased the Lord. The Pharisees attempted cleverness, Ananias and Sapphira thought they were clever, but by the power of God they were quickly shown to be less than who they could have been.

Does this mean we should drop dead? No, by ‘the Grace of God go I’ in these days, we pray. I believe the Lord appears to have given us grace and mercy, which is best, not tested. We instead ought to move past the moments when we feel as though our cleverness is at bay but also and possibly more importantly into the realm of becoming who the Lord created us to be, and as well which helps us be happy in our potential is be whom we would like to be. The ability to move past the times of embarrassment of being that which you are, and as well meant to be is the key to pleasing God. Pleasing God isn’t about what you don’t do, it is more important by what you do for others and by Him.

God has no interest in you walking in a place of inauthentic forgiveness of who you are.  If you are holding back from being a dangerous Christian; one who paints well outside the lines, then I can assure God needs you in that place, then instead be yourself. Conversely, if you find joy simply in being a Mom who gets her kids ready for school and can barely get in front of the mirror and you love being the Mom who doesn’t give a red cent about the color of your eyes matching your shirt or whatever women care about at times, then go on with yourself. But instead you raise Children who love first and ask questions later, then well done. The most important thing that you can do is that in your walk, or your role and we are all playing a role. The role you play you it as a servant of Christ, by loving those who can’t love you back?

At last count and no one on Earth has the tabulation of who changed the most lives as per their own particular walk with Christ. No one will ever know. In truth no one knows and it probably shouldn’t be important. However, it is extremely important that we change lives that people have food in their bellies, and that they can read and that they aren’t lonely. We should also know that loneliness most often comes from one’s own trapped self, lost in a world a cyclical shame based on a notion that addiction to anything that gives you a sense of security.

What we run to in those moments of pain, fueled by the loss of who we are based on what others feel about us rather than our identity in God is what we need to leave in the fire. We need to be reborn in the knowledge that good and evil is being played out in our lives and with each passing person that falls into a lie of who they have been led to believe about themselves is another domino that the enemy will use to construct territories over our land until we actually are hopeless.

We are an army. However, play out your role. Don’t do it for the man, don’t do it for the likes, don’t do it because they do it. Do it because Jesus did it for you. Do it like you mean it. Run to the front of the line to be a servant of God. In your service, let you be you and let others be who they need to be until they want to make a change that frankly we can honor that change only if they ask for the help.

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