Safety. What does this feeling evoke to you? What transferable skills do you have to growing your own food or raising kids with no little to access to the modern day conveniences such as a debit card to have your groceries delivered or gas for your car, much less an effective mode of communication if the grid was completely blown out? Before you scroll away thinking this writer has lost his mind, let me tell you this will in fact happen, in fact some researchers say we are overdue for the sun to show this galaxy it’s celestial strength once more.

This informational article by Timothy Ferris, written in National Geographic in June of 2012 reminds us of the celestial powerhouse that is our Sun. Solar Flares are just one way God can shake us off our prideful place as humans like a dog shaking off mud on a white carpet. Most everything big data as collected about us will be, for a good bit, transient.

Imagine your entire way of life shaken to the core with less than a day of notice? How would you react? Hopefully less important, but with more urgency, what would it do to your brand? Eventually after a year or possibly more the power systems come back up and systems would be restored, but I am here to say like most casual observers would, from an almost impossible objective point of view, our lives would be equal in a new way.

“Don’t you know who I am?” she would ask. “I am an internet celebrity, with over a million followers.” Not any more. Now your Natalie, and you don’t know how to spear a fish.

What is the value of who you are without participants in your prideful, hedonistic based reality of people groping what you represent? We are not who we are until first, we know who we are, and as well can help ourselves in this world without having access to this amazing cash cow that is cyber persona grata.

If indeed we were brought to the baseline of the present tense and locality of latitude/longitude then your IP address would be of no concern. People, this will happen. So long credit debt, possibly, and as well every supposition and photo of and about you, your friends, family, community, and world as we know it would simply vanish if it were not in a what is know as a book.

I am not an advocate of such a catastrophe. The idea of nuclear reactors shutting down, and satellites falling out of the sky does not sound like a glorious day for mankind. Luddites might think it would be pretty, but catching their dinner might surprise them. What I need to express here is the value of books, jobs, and hobbies that might save lives, and as well enrich people. If you have to be reminded to stand up by your smart watch, then I might be expressing this concern directly to you.

Also what I need to express is the value of knowing what to do when it comes to believing in something that doesn’t answer your question when you ask: “hey Google…”

Knowing you also have someone to turn to that is real, and can provide you with wise and knowledgeable answers about how and what to do not just in an emergency, but as well where do I fit in the moment. How can I pass along what I know when in fact I haven’t learned much other than an amazing knowledge of the ‘qwerty’ keyboard? How would you make an impact in a world where there was no social media? Even if the lights don’t go out for another 800 years what will you do when the answers have to come from you. Young parents need to know how to answer the big questions such as, does God know my heart, as well as how do you make a plant grow. The answers to those questions are eerily similar, don’t you think?

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