His Way

Fuel to the fire
to feed the flames of the day.
The need to 
what is his way.

Grab some truth 
and peel it away
the truth of who you are
In the authority of His world.

Get low to the ground
seek the truth
Look up for now we are found.

We don’t use weights 
and measure
to justify our actions today
We grow in the valley
of today.

Moments in time
feel locked away
Seek not the flames that 
will blow you away.

Fuel to the fire
of what he meant you to be
Not the dust 
of once was wired.

You are enough
not what isn’t his
If were you wouldn’t 
be here this way.

The hope you have
the prayer today
Is growth for this love, 
like it or not, His way.


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