If people felt they could take the ‘mask’ off with issues of pride, lust and rejection in the setting of the Church then people would not be caught in a shame cycle. In my opinion the lack of ability to be honest in what should be a place of complete honesty and forgiveness is why the entire Church the world over is in a period of shrink. It may be a perfect world idea that may in fact be unattainable, but issues with poverty, race and broken marriages will never be ultimately cast down until we as the Church deal with one God’s most hated sins, which is gossip and hearsay. This sin which is based on false testimony is the key to unlocking a myriad of issues that will allow people to worship and trust in the Church as Jesus intended. Before you cast someone as a sinner and rebuke, be sure there is no plank in your eye. Betrayal, gossip, lies and envy are tools of the enemy. Are you one of his go to tools to dismantle all that is Holy?

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