Is Mark Zuckerberg one of the top 3 most misunderstood people in America? I’d say safely, yes. Do I think it’s obvious he wanted out-nerd someone to get the girl while sticking it to frat boys at the same time? Also, safely yes. Who wouldn’t?

First let’s look at the genius that Facebook evolved into before it got twisted and then it was; “hey it’s not you, it’s me,” and we were on again, off again with our relationship status with the internet’s sweetheart. Get this point and let’s all get down to business on this point: it was never intended to be used by us nearly as often as your last performance evaluation demonstrated.

After the intra-college connector, it was however meant to check in on your bud, friends, acquaintances, frenimies, ex’s, and yes your relatives too. Enough to catch up, not much else. The rest was gravy. Mindless scrolling then fed so much of the business model to exploit our need for identity based truth bombs, much like the one you see here, into algorithms that plunged your thoughts further down the timeline to keep you guessing. Which then had you looking for more internet self-abuse. Who hasn’t been that guy saying, “where’s my post?” Man, I don’t know who stole your eggo, or your ego, but Americans need for the latter was and is overly intact.

So we binged and we binged, we dieted, then dropped the impulsive tendencies, picked up a book but then realized serotonin, dopamine, GABA receptors don’t leap off the page of Emily Dickinson, or A.W. Tozer. However both; highly quotable when needing a hit off the ego bong.

Zuckerberg didn’t do this overtly. We did. Did a company get off on the feed a bit, did corporate greed and the need to employ people, create stock dividends and put meals on plates? You bet you bottom dollar it did little orphan Annie.

We need to understand something. Mark Zuckerberg is not evil. He’s a dad, husband, boss, innovator, and a shareholder.

Before we incriminate a man and his work, let’s understand the context of the brain and how it works, money as a tool, and greed… as much as we hate it, greed itself is a tool like six all of our shareable emotions.

Let’s not confuse greed even with the overwhelming division that we as people allow into our lives when we mistake faith for hatred, and acceptance for influence, or in this case the misuse of influence over people that need acceptance based on their need for love and a host of other needs including rent, clean water and food.

Remember when you said that one day, albeit foolishly, let’s not buy gas for a day? We will drive the price down! Well then the next day, Mr. Utopian?

What if we put down the gigabot for a sec and then a minute, hour and afternoon and then loved your guitar, dog, and or kids?

Heck yeah, who about a whole lot more of loving your kids if we really want to take guns out of the equation.

Is it truly foolish for a man pressing 50 to see that we as a country cannot see the inherent beauty of this world that is not on the news or your timeline?

Guys and gals… this is it, this is primal to get. Facebook and the machine isn’t taking your life away, you’re giving it to the machine, one swipe at a time.

Rick Warren said an amazing statement in The Purpose Driven Life. He said, we get as close to God as we choose. Even if you are not of the faith, and have no plans to be: instead of pressing into God, press into something tangible, or a life, not your own. If you are doing that, well then walk on with yourself bother and call me out on what I’m doing. Quite seriously, call, text, or frickin ‘in mail’ me my networking neos; I do not care how.

This is the step that changes not our planet necessarily, but maybe changes you. Think about that. I’ll bet you already have.

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