Easy Bakes and Big Wheels

Lord, why are we doing this? Why are we divided? Why do we accept, no… encourage competition in the fields? We are a wheat field ready for harvest, but are too busy eating the weeds. Why can’t we let nature nurture itself and trust the Lord?

We cut each other down, muse about each others stuff or lack thereof. It is not what the Father wants; it is what the father of lies wants.

Make no mistake the Lord wants excellence, He wants you, and us in a place of working every day to bring glory to Word that became flesh, Jesus. There is a complete lack of excellence in comparison. These two are oxymoronic; comparison is an idol that leads us down the road to envy and lack. It will always leave you empty and wanting more. It has left me wanting more to this day. I still find myself conquering my own thoughts moment to moment not to care what man thinks of me.

Competition is great for team building and conquering fears. Competition will destroy a young person’s desire to show up next week. Most will walk quick and fast in the opposite direction when envy creeps in set when we allow it, when we choose it, but if we encourage the sin of gloat, greed and acceptance based on materialism and popularity. Kids are sponges.

Do you slip? I do. I say things in front of people that do not speak for who I am. As much fun as it is to speak in measured speech all day- and it isn’t; it is important to know you kids care more about your character than you pretend not to care about theirs. Meanwhile your hair might be on fire, and you run to your safe place to acquiesce your desire to raise Mary and Martha in the next room. Speaking about your figurative and literal neighbors in hushed tones is gross and they know it. They will know, understand it, and as wrong as they know it is, (and they do because that’s what they learned from you and others) they will then repeat your behavior.

So what is the deal? We simply walk in love and choose to show ourselves how amazing it is to have that walking on air feeling. You know the one, right? This is when you are truly the happy you had when the easy bake oven and the big wheels were in your home. That kind of happy… not the other alleged happiness of snarking at the table across from you at La Cazuela.

Families, we need you. Men you are the head of this unit. Ladies, don’t let your man succumb to being who he once was. Talk him up, give him encouragement, and he will return the Love. Men: serve your wife, and serve her well. You know there was a time if she wanted sweet peas from the can instead of the bag to go with that four dollar steak, you would have been more than happy to motor down to the stop-N-shop to grab a can. Serve her like the woman you loved when it was maybe less appropriate then it is now to do so. I guarantee you that you will not care one iota what your neighbor is doing and you might even gain a better understanding why racism is gross too, but that is another story for another judgmental piece.

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