Home of the Brave

The new Nike ad has stirred emotion. That somehow dealing with the actual disease of racism and an unlevel playing field and instead worrying about offending those who support not being politically correct.

This obvious, unfortunate truth is we understand that this somehow must be the norm, that we must first not discuss any issues of brutality. Being brave enough to be an agent of change is as risky as being yet another victim of ‘manslaughter’. Still this seems paramount and obvious truth is that we may want to be out front on the issue, ongoing. Fair and equal treatment doesn’t always occur under the law, to be dull.

Still more, we may consider our thoughtless treatment of black men to pervert the word entirely, being tortured by their own fellow citizens from 1932 until 1972 when men of color were experimented upon with syphilis, known as the Tuskegee Experiment that was lifetime for some. An American president, finally apologized in 1997, twenty-five years after it ended, brutally harming a generation of more of men for their entire lives. Not to mention the war on poverty that created more single parents in harms way than we ever seen.

We are better than this, are we not? Did we not care about the small children who were working before 7 am until 6 pm to craft their lighter fuel bait.

Men & women in the military celebrate Colin Kapernick and as did his ability to shed light on why they fight. We do still have a reason, correct? Speak to that more often, otherwise, exit music please.

If you care about legislation to bring the troops home and pressure your senators to take on an effective approach to exiting the Middle East rather than cutting a check for more children lose a parent in battle each year, or a families saying goodbye to kids

Point your ability to believe in something enough to make change happen for the military one might say they support the right to kneel or any constitutional right, whether it suits their lifestyle or not.

Military family? I get it, my dad was in the Air Force for 14 years during Vietnam and my Grandfather on my mom’s side fought in the battle of the bulge, but I dare say their valor is worth the constitution being upheld rather than shaming individuals whom are actually holding up the values of the constitution far more than skipping a game or increasing your subscribers on YouTube.

Consider Free Speech, consider the message that ultimately we make just how much of an impact can be made? What do we gain when we allow ourselves to not take the safe route? Not much. If we marginalize one another to stop discussion or express our values and cultures on the actual matters in the very definition of what free speech is then know that it can cut both ways.

If you want to provide an understanding of what the message is and how it affects you, but be an obstacle to someone shedding light on the need for justice. To protest for your own rights, then consider how tied you may be, linked in every way to your cul de sac neighbor and their provision of happiness, contentment, and basic self-determination.

Don’t Ask If Your Dreams Are Crazy; Ask If They’re Crazy Enough’

Rather than buffing your argument about the wrong side of the issue consider raising awesome kids who know the difference what a victim truly is and isn’t. If taking a knee victimizes this you than revaluate your own feelings on being escorted out of campus building you attend, because you are what is known as being of color. Tearing up at the “home of brave” is, I can assure you not as important to the republic for who it stands as defending the first amendment, shedding light on civil rights and giving an amazing message of motivation for one nation under God, indivisible….

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