Brokenness Continued

We are all monumental mess ups. When we take our trash out, it smells. When we wake up we are usually grumpy and have a lack of ability to make sound decisions. We eat and drink too much at times, as well spend money we don’t have.

What we have in common is our ability to err, and as humans we are gifted with enumerable strengths.

I saw an article about neural-diversity the other day and that which may seemingly be a disability, may also play to our strongest abilities. The article said these strengths should not just be celebrated, but used to assist society.

We shun what we don’t understand.

Yesterday was World Mental Health Day. As overshadowed as the stock market’s annual October correction was this day, was also overshadowed by Hurricane Michael. As we move forward into further years of understanding about the brain, so too does our understanding need to follow suit of those with brain disorders.

The stats bear out the facts that those with a severe and persistent mental health disorders are far less likely to hurt, harm or even kill others which is a giant difference than that of the perception in the media and the discrimination spoken in homes, churches, businesses as well as all walks of life.

What we know today: we are called to love, not judge and to seek truth in all matters for the betterment of our world. Apathy, fear and hate will only mistake people for what they are not instead of creations by God that we are.

It is only until you seek the truth and wisdom of understanding of those whom you mistakenly perceive as less than that you are able to walk in love. Just think about that; every time you continue to thank that you are ‘glad that’s not my kid’, or please ‘not in my back yard’, then you have not yet taken the first step to walk in love. That is the most important law of the New Testament for those of you keeping score at home.

The more we doubt people, the less we can expect them to grow. While my abilities are different than yours, as are my faults. Grab the spotlight, but don’t take it from another because they, in your mind, aren’t worthy. You will be left in the dust, once again, on the wrong side of taught lessons and truth that has been evident in Moses, and generations before him and by the example of Jesus.

Just walk in love and seek to understand. We don’t always do it, that’s for sure, just ask for forgiveness and start again the next time you have the opportunity. It will change your life for the better and we can change this world for the better in another direction.

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