“Go and Sin No More” ~ Jesus

There are many great things about the crossover single by Lauren Daigle, “You Say.” It is the essence of the song that speaks to the identity of who we are in Christ. When we have had so many people in our lives tell us we don’t measure up, that we need to step it up, or just plain say we aren’t what we should be as people. In the continuous journey to be better as humans, we know God already sees us as champions of what we can be, and we simply need to receive the gift of identity of who He says we are, not the world. Of course people get caught in sin trap when people tell them they aren’t good enough. Then they just go sin some more. What’s the point they may say, “(who ever) says I’m not enough.” Boom! Bring on the pain and regret, absolution, repeat.

Ms. Daigle has stepped onto a world platform to speak to so many people who would not even ask the question of who they are in the midst of a battle they fight. Especially young people need truth spoken over and about them. We live in a pretty rough world. Young people need inspiration and bold leaders and Lauren brings that spirit.

Then the conversation regarding her non-denunciation of the LGBTQ community. She was asked if this lifestyle is a sin. She was verbally torn apart by many legalists for not pronouncing it a sin. She loves her friends who are gay, which makes her a Christian through and through. As she was told her inability to have proper discernment was a sin, it is more sinful to judge. Truth told, discernment is a gift, however judgment is just plain wrong.

Lauren Daigle has done not more for the Christian community than any finger wagger riding the heels of her fame for their own PR.

As Christians, our actions should speak to our strengths and we shouldn’t need proper statements about how people form relationships, right or wrong.

Let God sort it out. She has a life to lead, and it’s too big to pronounce someone dead in spirit. God frankly is big enough to not need our help. She helps those who haven’t heard the gospel. We as Christians are charged to help that very thing: to spread the gospel.

Lauren will help lead more people to Christ through her example of compassion, bold spirit and true Christianity than any cushion counter in the history of time.

“When Jesus had lifted up himself, and saw none but the woman, he said unto her, Woman, where are those thine accusers? hath no man condemned thee?”

John 8:10 KJV

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