Group Think

Group think is based on the perceived need for safety of the group and selecting irrational ideas about situations, and or people. It often guides people into producing malevolent actions. Resulting in action that removes what is thought to be harmful, without a watchful open minded approach to solving a problem.

The issue is that the initial perception was most likely misguided and based off a misinterpretation of the actual facts of a situation or how a person and or action is allegedly harming the group.

So what do we do? In group think, we take steps to remove the cancerous or broken individual. In truth, the individual is just that, an individual. These are often the people of real change.

This is using zero wisdom of how to help not only the group; because you are most likely enabling tools of the group like rumor and conjecture, and also harming an individual in the process. This is the stuff of bullying and rampant aggression. It snowballs until a true, and very real problem is realized.

What is the best answer to not making this mistake?

Other than keeping an open mind, prayer and meditation is a perfect first step. Are individuals within the group acting in malice and not asking the tough questions about their role in an issue before projecting their own belief systems or morality, or lack of it, onto others? Is communication broken? Could there be untruths abound?

When we leave a tough problem up to prayer, without a mindset of ‘how is going to help me,’ real change can and will occur.

Even if you don’t trust prayer and meditation you find the thought involved rather than sharing your ideas about what most likely involves people, you will find change. It may not be the kind of change that is instant. In fact it may take the group through a painful growth process that may actually need to occur.

We all know the quote that large minds discuss ideas, somewhat smaller minds discuss events, and truly small minds discuss people. I would suggest leaving people out of your equation to solve problems. Problems don’t get solved by moving people around like toy soldiers; that will only hurt and show poor leadership by poor leaders that don’t stand up to group think.

If prayer is proven to change our physical world and as well heal, why do we not trust it to change actual simple things like how people react to one another when a problem that is unplanned for arises. Rather than causing more pain, instead seek to allow God to do His work in your world.

In God We Trust, remember?

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