Crazy Little Thing Called Love

When you realize that each plank time second of your life is spelled out by a God that you cannot bear to understand the enormity, and as well the minuscule that penetrates every cell of your body then you’ll get a tiny sniff of why God loves you. The only reason he loves you and us is only because he loves. Crazy thing called unconditional love.

Cure cancer, pissant stuff for a God that with each tired second of our pathetic experience, compared to what is store for you when you just say “yes.”

Sophomoric science rips forward to the truth that each night they attempt to flip the house they are building with no chance in hell, to even flip the basement on what God built in each plank time second of a media based center of our existence over the last 60 years trying to explain something that is frankly, unexplainable.

We will do everything to humble ourselves to reach the worst of me, you and them. God I love you. Each of you.

Each person, all twelve of you, reading this meandering of truth that we will all reckon with once we know that the semantics of a God who whatever idle wind of whatever hopeful identity you may place on Him. I would help yourself to some humble pie if you felt it necessary to question a being that taught all of us, all of it.

The good, the bad and the ugly to bring you to this point to realize that the enemy is just a tool twisting in the wind as he tosses in the world trying to kill, steal and destroy.

He will too, if you let him or choose death over life, in any form. “Teach your children well.” Teach them forgiveness for them, and for yourself, from a Daddy God that forgives. With any hope that we have the ability to love ourselves to just say enough is enough.

If that is a will you foresee for your life and you enjoy it, then call me.

I’m in the book, I hope. If you kneel before a God that loves you more than life, any life to bring you home and to your knees and into his loving arms for all time, then you’re in the book too.

If I’m wrong, my bad, then life well lived, let’s move on. I’m not going away. Hide if you must, pardon the expression.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I must be on my way. I did actually plagiarize that last one.

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