Order to Our Time

Reading the Bible this season in a chronological plan has revealed how God keeps promises. When reading the Bible in the five sections, straight through on earlier occasions, it was difficult to see his promises unfold. With this read, I’ve seen it’s really difficult to see how God works in our lives by keeping promises each and every time if not reading in a chronological order.

Mind you, don’t confuse your prayers as a promises made. With God, promises are usually realized in the rear view mirror of your life, as was in the case of God’s promises to the Kings of the Israelites. It’s not the promises you think were made, and then you end up mad at God when your prayers are not given.

God doesn’t reveal the truth to you at once, because pardon me for saying, we just can’t handle to see what is in store for us at once. We need to follow God’s lead, not the other way around.

As the preacher always says, ‘let’s be glad for the prayers we didn’t have answered sometimes.’

I read the Bible every day, not trying to brag, but just sharing experience. Pastor after Pastor will tell you and listening to this teaching will change your life. Start the day correctly so that God may pour into your life.

Even if you do your actual reading at night, and spend quiet time in the morning with music, meditation, gardening… wherever you meet God. There is a lot of value to experiencing time with the nature of God with prayer and in peace.

I know many would say… “well bless his heart, every body knows that.” I beg to differ, it’s easily forgotten and people get out of the habit, especially in the summer months.

Doing something besides slamming down some coffee, and hopping in the car without prayer, meditation and slowly having the day come upon you is crucial to having a good day.

It took me way too long in my stubbornness live like this. If you want to build each day on a rock, then start on a firm foundation.

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