Cytoplasm and Our Need to Be Ourselves

Without boundaries, we lose the ability to discern real relationship and mislead our knowledge of relationships, possibly into delusion, and then traverse the territory of healing too quickly without truly understanding the lessons we need to learn so skillfully. We become emotional tourists pretending to know all the stops of awareness without first seeing ourselves the same way twice.

Cemented boundaries teach a fear of growth, passing on the allowance of learning of who we are and the need to relate. Healthy boundaries allow emotional conviction and patience for the moment to have a perspective that gives meaning and the ability for compassion and humility, not just for others, but also environments and the moments of our lives.

When we are thrusted into a place of learning a life role too quickly, we lose the ability to keep healthy boundaries due to the need to learn for survivals sake. When we are comforted and overprotected we may lose the capacity to desire effective boundaries that teach us to be daring enough to try new things and the ability to traverse unexpected adventures that may teach us many to try again, even after failure.

Finding the balance is often left to our families without the proper support to move us forward in a direction to allow both strong and sensible adults and also those who don’t settle for mediocrity in the name of safety.

Finding a way out of churning out the days events and experiences if at all possible is necessary to this expansion of the self, and managing it at the same time so that we don’t engage in spiritual pride. It is necessary to meditate on the truth of our being by being settled and confronting by our own learned human nature. If we leave our physical, emotional and spiritual development up to chance rather than intentionally seeking the knowledge of who we are then we our selling our ability to be truly happy short in a world when people say ‘that’s good enough’ and then only to fade into a malaise of depression and sanctified diligence towards a goal that we are not meant to live in a life that isn’t ours.

It is important to consistently work to pass on the ‘good enough’ and the ‘that will be mine, you just wait and see’ to a gradual wisdom based place that is set on even more awareness and boundaries that allow us the ability to help others grow also due to the overwhelming need for this world to see itself for who we really are. Then, with purpose in mind, as armor and a weapon of truth we may be patient to traverse the heart in order to give us the life lessons to put us in a place of thriving and joy for our time on earth while loving others.

~ Based on lessons contained in Spiritual Bypassing by Robert Augustus Masters PHD

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