Be the Change You Wish to See

Didn’t watch it. Wouldn’t watch a Republican debate on the subject even without an incumbent. Haven’t seen TV in over 2 months. Life’s never been better, but these are not the points.

People in of and of themselves are individuals living their own story. No person on this earth unless they are a family or coupled know your or my story.

We are in fact different, let’s enjoy that! It makes the world better! Why do we travel? Most of the time it’s the food, and to experience a different way of living. Why would we want to give credit to anyone who says we should all be the same? We are not. God created us uniquely and beautifully. That’s why Reagan, however you feel about his legacy, had the best quote of maybe all time, by saying there is a job for everybody. I should know. I’m beating the pavement every day trying to find better jobs for persons who are working with disabilities. Language changes, the heart takes time.

The narrative will change. It took the Israelites nearly 500 years to find a home in the promised land, counting the time spent in Egypt.

Dr. King, a prophet, said he had seen the promised land. But like the Israelites in Exodus, we are too busy complaining, bickering and fighting with our leaders about who is to blame.

If you are complaining constantly, you might think you are accomplishing something.

You’re not. Pick up your cross, carry it to work and break the stereotypes and change the narrative, or go home and be miserable until you understand how your actions determine your station, not the other way around. At least they shouldn’t.

If you don’t love the way it’s going on, then just be a role model and filling a world with hate, with more hate.

If you actually love people and you’re a Democrat and if you find it necessary to label yourself, then find someone who you have nothing in common with and do something nice, and real for them. The same if you are a Republican.

If you cannot, my friend you have a lot of work to do other than watching a debate or defining love and chastity by watching the Bachelorette.

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