Hate In the Name of Love.

God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change,

Courage to change the things I can,

And wisdom to know the difference.

Our country is a collective addict. We are a united state of our dysfunction. We near the moment of acceptance that will move us to the place where we consult our higher power and ask for help, because there is no intervention, no caring country to step in and say, “wow guys, we might think we have a solution.” America is spinning out of control and we might deserve better.

The ability to accept the things we cannot change, comes paradoxically in a more challenging way than we thought possible to change our comfort levels with the pain we are in as a country. If you feel things are not a problem in the U.S., and acceptance of only your own day to day experience is important, and not having a worldview as a citizen then I only pity you.

The courage to change the things we can… is that a mirage, is the land of Canaan beyond the fallen walls of Jericho? Is it real? Can our leaders ever move from two distinct disinterested parties of real change that are based in attracting more votes that prolong their seats, so that they may continue to pillage our lands and feast on the infrastructure, hearts and money of its people?

The answer is quite easy. The solution is quick and painless. Afford, by an amendment to the constitution for a third party that must be in place, not evolve into place into the House of Representatives and the Senate. Just enough seats to break deadlocks and the terror of the rank and file.

As far as moving to acceptance of the individual experience. How? How do we accept the fact that our actual land is divided. How do we remove the hate that is in our land? How do we reboot?

The answer to this question is also quite simple. We don’t. We wait. We wait on God to cut the trees once more. We wait on God to wipe the slate clean with pain most likely. It may feel like condemnation, it may feel like rejection and that God hates America. He actually might.

We have rejected every facet, every nuance, every item put into our country. Since 9/11 We didn’t just put down the cross, we turned it upside down and said “we stab at thee.” Then we did just that, and in less than the time it took for an infant to mature we became a country fueled on hate in the name of love. Then we celebrated.

America cerebrates all that we think God isn’t, but in God we see exactly reason why people are individuals. It is why we allow individuals to be crushed by false teachers. False teachers want you to think God wants us to be the same, generic and lifeless.

The truth in that lies with living word and what God says about identity. The identity that God put in us doesn’t need trends, devices, smoke, and distraction. Everything that can put you right is possibly already in your heart, mind, body and soul. The identity that God put in you knows who you are, and loves you for who you are when you meet him and even more when you meet him, when you endure the test. 

But this we don’t  endure tests very well, we take the shortcuts. We quit on identity. We won’t fight for who we are, we choose it off of a wall and move to the next place that will accept us if that one won’t, instead of facing the true acceptance that we are broken, and the only thing that will repair our pain is the love that no firearm or belief in a person will clarify for us. We are going to have to make a conscious decision, increase our comfort levels and choose to accept the things in us we cannot change and be thankful for the weakness that will become our strengths.

The comfort levels you are willing to endure will allow you to move to a place of forgiveness for your ill situations in your life and the transgressions put upon you and your family. Acceptance to rise above the policy, procedure, and politicians in your environment is the first step for you to transcend your reasoning for moving onto the next location that is the same but just looks different. Work on you, before working on your next relocation.

Accept the change that may happen in you when you realize that as much as your comfort levels need to grow. As does the ability to realize you are in a place to occupy for the time being so that you may help those around you. After that you may be given more responsibility as you are being trusted with more as a result of being responsible with what is yours and also what belongs to others.

Be the first to accept the choice that there is brokenness everywhere. Then move about freely with confidence as you are in a pace of recognition, then you can complete the test if you endure the race.

God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change,

Courage to change the things I can,

And wisdom to know the difference.

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