A Tale of Two People

There are two sides to every story. Everyone has a story. Everybody is comprised of two selves. There is a Native American proverb made famous by George Bernard Shaw. It is based on the Jungian archetypes of the shadow selves; if not based, but certainly highly relevant in this regard.

Until we reach an active understanding that we are perpetuating a perfect picture of our lives that we believe no one else can see we will only be fooling ourselves unto a deeper illusion. There are two sides to ourselves yes, but until we embrace the side of ourselves that is different from what we’ve advertised, then we will be shocked at how difficult it is to reach people in an actual social situation because we have perpetuated a myth that is completely different from how we may actually be.

If we take a step back from our social media timelines for the most part and that we as people comprise a consciousness that is based in advertising the good in ourselves, our institutions and our products. While this approach is common sense based because who would want to see any of us when we get out of bed in the morning, then we see a norm that we feel we cannot be real, or deviate from an attitude because we either fear a not having acceptance.

Take an objective step back from your timelines and approach it from a perspective of actual judgement and see how much we don’t relate, instead we rewrite, rewrap, resell and revere ourselves. If we get back to the place of our hearts and inner child that exists in that place which emotionally we never truly matured much past high school to see that there is a whole other side our world and our ability to access it if we were more fearless.

Beating rejection and not caring about our numbers and social media metrics will put us in a place of honesty and caring and won’t have you turning to our devices instead of our spouses or family and or friends. Rejection is freedom in truth. Once getting past ripping off the band aid of rejection you’ll see that your browser is not your friend, people are. If you want healthy relationships, then meet someone while picking out peaches, not profiles.

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