Experience of Existing

How important is it to belong, to be a success? What is that? I am a good person. What does that mean?

When we strip away the layers of bondage to an identity of who we are are, based on what you can purchase, or what you cannot is actually relative to the point in which you give it power over you experience and existence.

When we spend time squirreling up money to enjoy the same 8 hours of sleep to love and experience the same way as our days pass.

What are we loving? Are we loving a person, does that person help a sense of success, meaning or give us happiness? No. Nor does the job, in time we may just find happiness through loving the experience.

Which experience? The flight to Dubai, fishing with grandpa, or simply feeling the warm summer wind on the side of your face.

Nothing will make you, and nothing will truly void your ability to transcend your pain or joy. If you agree it’s there, and understand it’s value, it can all just disappear, both good and bad. It’s you who puts value upon the experience. The time would pass regardless. What you cannot trade is the moment when you enjoy the time that God has brought you. No level of man made success will add or take away from this feeling. It’s all just another label.

So when you are drinking your coffee tomorrow, perhaps on the back porch. It’s just coffee, it’s just the fresh air, it’s the experience that has been given to you. Love only the moment given. It’s just you, drinking coffee, the same way Elon Musk, Jack Ma, or Mark Zuckerberg are drinking their coffee. Despite the value of the experience of drinking the coffee, it’s still coffee, and it’s still only you.

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