Set Apart

It is implausible for science not to explain the forming of cellulose, synapse and bone. However it is also impossible to explain the human experience without the presence of God.

Even if you do not believe in God you cannot ignore the idea that a source of infinite wisdom and power that assembled such a Universe and the 8.7 million life forms exist on Earth alone, as well as the purported idea that the Universe itself is a living organism. In this known world it is well to know that all specie have physiological components that make their life purposeful and hopefully as well meaningful.

That being said, the departure from pluralism of the late 19th century until now is that through our own ignorance in the desperate desire to explain the human experience. At the same time, to convolute the human experience science has, and is currently inventing more variables on a consistent basis to explain existence. This frustration of science is based on the knowledge that our minds cannot perceive what the truth actually is mankind’s complete place in the universe or how we even idealize ourselves.

But instead like a bully in the classroom science has in and of itself become religion, and a dogma of thought to explain the human experience has become lost in its own maze. It attempts to explain the psychological, physical and still grasping at straws for the inward workings of the mind and spirit.

This is not to say science isn’t useful; medication, procedures, clean water and possibly in time, a tip back to the other side of global warming that actually could, in time make most of the remaining human experience nearly tolerable.

Shall we examine Faith with the same broad brush of examination?

No, because Faith in and of itself is a subjective experience, whether it be taught or experienced. It is free to ignore if you dare, as is science. But as in the case of science there are too many enigmatic truths that are impossible to ignore. Such as the the wisdom that involves the unity of man under a God who loves, and who shows that if we see God make our messes utilized for the good of others and ultimately ourselves, and for God’s glory.

Religion, however apart from Faith, only crosses the line when it disavows the ability for a person to be who they want and to explore their own path to heaven or hell. Understand fully they both exist.

Humans are set on a path. It is our choice to decide which path we will ultimately follow and which we will walk in the understanding that being real with ourselves will determine which eternity we either choose to live or die.

Science cannot explain a life well lived apart from a family line that produces breadwinners and balance sheets ending up in giving or bartering until the thief comes in the night.

Science cannot explain the love that a child has for his or her mother that only is superseded in maturity when God is the eternal comfort that cannot be wrestled free by the grip of mortality.

Science cannot explain the Holy Spirit which teaches, comforts and abides in us until we trust the guidance for us from the perils of life that separate decisions that end in life or death.

While science explains the dominion of mankind, it cannot explain the why of mankind.

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