We see the world through our perspective and our vision. We hear the world through this perspective and our worldview. In turn, it gives us an understanding of people, events, and ideas, which gives us the size and scope of our vision.

If we keep our vision on people, we are small; if we keep our vision on events we are looking at the horizon; finally, if our vision is on ideas, then the size of our vision is much larger. This is not an original thought by any means. When we set our eyes of our mind and soul upon these things, it will most likely determine whether we will be successful or not.

Allowing the needless pain of victimization into our lives based on real or perceived slights always keeps our eyes on what the enemy wants. He wants us to toil in the mess of slinging dirt and meandering from one destination to another with no hope of moving out of this lost and broken place and feeling. If he can get you to believe you are unworthy of the love of others, he owns your destiny.

God however wants you to stand firm against the storm of victimization. I’m reminded of this well known scripture:

“Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.”

‭‭Hebrews‬ ‭11:1‬ ‭NKJV‬‬

The reason that this scripture is important to me is because we choose to either make an investment in relationships or we do not. We hope and pray for the best, but we cannot see the end result of relationship. Fear of people has never been a gift to the Kingdom of God.

However, if we stand firm in the truth that our vision of people is as only good as our own relationship with ourselves and God, we can begin to understand that people can and most likely will be worth an investment for the future. One may say the word investment is ugly, but if we do not see that God is in the business of using relationships as a tool to repair the broken world in which we live, then we have not seen what Joseph, Ruth and Paul completed.

God uses the mess and possible pain to pick us up and to begin the process of not necessarily trusting people again right away, but to lean into Him and to build a stronger trust in Him.

We must not be fooled into thinking God cares about anything but how to build a life with Him first and foremost. However, if we take the chance on building relationships and accepting the bad in people, we can see how transformative and helpful our and the others’ growth will be, which may open the door to opportunities to make this world better.

If we would rather shut the doors to people who are different from us, then we will only see a homogenous worldview leaving us flatfooted and unprepared for the world that is in constant flux. Make no mistake that God isn’t into the idea that Heaven is going to look white, black or just one denomination. God loves people who have a heart for other people.

The greatest sin is pride, and the doorway to all sins. That pride is shown clearly and without any doubt by our chosen desire to not reach out to people who may not agree with us all the time. Insecurity to know others is another calling card of pride. Only worse is to condemn those who may possibly not be saved or whom we deem as unworthy of being loved.

God challenges us. He challenged every successful person in the Bible to do the unthinkable, not based on their strength, but by their weakness. When we evaluate people based on their weakness and turn away, we are turning away from God and walking in step with the accuser.

God isn’t fooled by our ability to pretend to love either. He wants genuine people who will care enough to put our preferences to the side and deal with mess of others’ lives to show us that nothing is wasted and that God has yet to make a mistake.

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