Millennials. An Opinion.

Millennials. The very word is polarizing. A label to those who live, a cultural fixture for many like a lifeless piñata to swing upon. They are the lifeless thing to whoop up on, upon which memes and jokes fly from in a tree placed amongst the garden of the boomers and Gen X’ers to say ‘see there I told you so.’

Everybody knows I told you so feels better than being an agent of change.

I believe millennials are not fooled like so many other demographics ole whitey feels they have a leg up on.

First let’s talk about love. First the facts. Millennials are marrying better and longer and thanks to them the divorce rate is down 18% from the years to 2008 and 2016, according to the University of Maryland, recently published in a Bloomberg article. That’s a lot better from half of the boomers divorce rates in which half of spouses went their separate ways.

Let’s talk about their decisions. They aren’t fooled by double talk. Just because they don’t appear to be listening, they are, and they find your unapologetic need for approval alarmingly funny.

Millennials see it in everything you strive to be that you are not. Not only do they see it, they point it out, laugh, and run the other way. The need for parents of millennials to ask their children is going the same way it went for you. While they question authority, they do it for a reason: have you seen yourself? You’re miserable; working 6 days a week for a Facebook vacation that is spent with your family and your phone. Talking about people you don’t know and attempting to impress others whom you could care less about.

Let’s talk about worship. Like myself we talk it to death. People are told how to worship, how to be led in worship. Does anyone know out there how pagan it is to tell people how to worship the Lord God? No, because we’d rather be infatuated with striking a pose.

We must be attentive to being there each week. Not to mention you might have a family that needs you to be the person God intends you to be: full of integrity and the ability to care for people who cannot pay you back, and you choosing to love those different from you. That is the one thing in Acts chapter 2 regarding the Day of the Pentecost actually speaks of. That is doing life together no matter what you look like.

We speak so highly of these ideals but live them so poorly. Not just for different cultures, race, identity and yes, even beliefs and demoninations.

Throwing love at somebody is not throwing food to dogs, it is throwing a man a preserver in a dark storm.

Ole whitey doesn’t do that so well. We are impatient, we are visceral, we are holed up with families and protect our money as if we could take it with us. Millennials see us support pro-life, but support for the AR-15 and other assault rifles which, for Pete’s sake, don’t make any sense for anyone to own. If a militia thinks it can overthrow a government that has a freakin’ Space Force, then please call me and I’ll set you up with a referral to a few physicians I know.

They see this. They get it.

So ‘ok, boomer’ while you pile on them about having a phone in their face, can I remind you who put it there?

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