The Beach

A first breath upon the beach, the return home.

Death and birth to the storm, ending and returning forever peace.

Each wave that swells higher as it moves inland.

Wind shears off the wave careening down the slope descending.

It was not long ago when the wave began to echo its life below to pulse forward and take captive all in its path.

Whitecaps; a home to your world, below the churning back and forth.

At times placid a stillness, a home to lives waiting for it’s power to return a direction.

Remember the occasional ripple that sent beings forward.

Still only prior, a breeze from the hills rolling off the seaside mountains.

It had only been a warm morning wind rolling over the dunes.

When just a humid breath of air from among the oasis.

It was the a candle’s warm last collapse as it meets the widow who bows in reverence.

Extinguished; the last breath of the widow as her husband’s spirit greets the morning air.

All was lost and everything given.

A man who gave everything to a family that brought him a smile and walk that kept him on the path.

It was in the haste of our cares, we only stood in agreement amongst prayer for peace given to last all seasons.

“When the morning stars sang together, And all the sons of God shouted for joy?”

Job 38:7 NKJV

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