The Walls Between

Look outside, if possible; do you see trees, buildings, clouds, people and vehicles of every type. Take a walk outside. Do you feel the air on your skin, so you smell the ocean, do you hear the birds above and see the horizon? Do you? How is the coffee or tea on the back of your tongue from a moment ago?

How do you put the moment into understanding for your friend, spouse or social network? How do you relate it so that others possibly who do not have your perspective can relate to your moments?

Our need, as well our attempt to pass on the vitality of our experience is lost on one another. It is subjective to the point where reality is as real as our ability to qualify its existence. Try as you might, but your social network is a sea of misconception, and it is lost in a sea of indifference.

We have such a primal need to relate, to be understood, heard and seen. People simply miss validation. We instead heed rules of the thought police governed by the world lost in guilt, shaming, instant vilification and loneliness built upon momentum that ignites madmen bent on justice, who shatter every glass house in blind hatred.

We turn in a loss of our humanity, asking others for simple agreement. Instead we are given a salve of likes and comments, that aggravate the scab of our pride enough to build it to a higher point than yesterday. We become further deluded that this is a modicum of success when in actuality is a sentence we have been given in a jail of misunderstanding our greater need for the moment where we capture love and actual sensuality.

Truth is, is that it again is possibly the most pointless exercise until you seek to know your peer. Are they similar? Do you have anything in common. Do you need common ground? You have it. It is the pain of frustration of having what you do not need, and needing what you do not have. It is the seeking of what is outside your temple, your heart. It is what has been given to you, what you can offer when you walk in love.

Until we walk in the love of what has been given to us and stop objectifying what God is, and instead be an example of Christ, our efforts are lost. If we choose to speak, without hearing, and seeing without empathy, and placing another into a compartment without knowing, which leads to death in the spirit we are lost. Our Church will blow away as chaff to the fire with nothing but temperate, lukewarm branding of what once was an ideal, based upon rules of man, not commandments of the Lord.

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