The Weights of Ahab

The chaise feels like a trampoline

The words flow like gasoline

We owe nothing to yesterday

As we look past our failing

It was never enough in their time of today

Their power our tomorrow with the strength of the herd

Built on the pain of yesterday’s words

Forced to accept any beliefs in turn

Too much to swallow, so often heard

Now the break

Change the ache

Beloved is the break

Yesterday’s lake had no wake

The shore was driven by snakes

Wisdom is the Way

Alleged truth binds us to the fray

Scroll viciously as serpentine

Always we adore when we look the other way

Not allowed to rest today

Now the break and the ache

Beloved is the break

Acceptance of what was in vain

Into yesterday’s pain

Sitting at last with whom we have been

It’s tomorrow’s loss

As seen from afar

As we know our hearts they tore

With no cares for above only below

Sat amongst many, only pretending to know

We can see from which we turn

The heat on our backs but never a burn

We squatted for long

Never feeling at home

In the space between Elihu and Job

The stars are passengers from He who set the Sun

We rest in his breast

No need to be the best

It was the setting sun

From where we begun

The test was real

We were set upon so hollow and now we feel

It is not the pay that we see

Not the nod to the North

But no longer know the angles

And man’s only need

Behavior justified, gathered and and seen

The scales of what they used

As they hunted the past

Of one another

To see who would last

In the dominion of justice

Sent to them by the heresy of Ahab

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