Mop Buckets and Office Towers

What is power? I believe quite simply that it is a salve. It is a misfiring synapse to gain back something that was taken from us when we were powerless to defend ourselves.

Our identity, that may be lost, is found not by following another’s example, but by observing what we can survive upon with the least. Then add to judgement what the world is like around you as it surrounds us. It is a deafening lack of what really matters to remove to the actual indifference we offer one another, free of charge.

There is a thin line based on nods, given and based on the superficial, not the actual superior or worthy. Instead, choose to possibly walk through the sea of consciousness in a train station and envision each person’s journey is as important another as your own. Each has a destination we could see if we were willing and able. Our ticket of quicker reasoning takes us far as it ever could.

Might it be possible to live an experience unlike no other if we chose the power of vision and compassion? Not the compassion that gives money per se, but the empathy that asks the question: am I willing to give the first of my best up, this ideal, for an exchange for a new framework, no longer based on the fear of being the person you were told to be, initiated into by your ‘associates’ and, experience. Instead you could choose to know not just to see the individual you are and will be, but the individual that actually sees and hears validity.

It’s validity we are all about. We want the security of knowing we saw the right in a moment first without long roads to figure right and wrong. We want to know we did it right as bestowed. Whatever only takes us so far.

Repeated as shown, (figure 5.19.2)