The Beauty of the Middle

It is easy to notice both how mired we are in the hustle of life. Also easy is to take a moment and appreciate going slowly and enjoying the moment and then the next moment. Life is after all, the sum of its parts. We do not have the ability in this world to look at the whole and judge it as a finished picture.

Like artwork, life is never complete until, like the artist we give it up, usually against our will, and always wanting it to be better than it was when it left our hands. What is complete at that point is given to the world.

We are allowed to go slow. We are allowed the chance to rest in the moment. It’s not easy when we have so many obligations to people, but we must allow for time to step away from ourselves and breath the moment and disengage. Choose less, choose to need less, provide less. Honor yourself. Dissonant as it may be to the right and to the left, but let yourself be misunderstood, let yourself be judged. Allow yourself the chance to be out loud wrong. Take the chance. Move from the extremes, only a vacillation from one kind of pain to another will follow when we live in the black and white world of extremes.

At all times remain true to yourself. Don’t give of yourself out of the desire to be seen doing so. Share because it suits you. Share as if were only visible to you. Freedom is found when we seek no validation. Validation is a drug that impairs you to live in fear of a world that shrinks, instead of growing. You may have to be alone at first, but in that freedom of not having to react and respond to another the beauty of you is there.

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