Imagine all the things that you work on every day: family, job, relationships, projects and all other ancillary goals we work on. Now also let’s bring in the things like family health matters, church and obligations such as overtime based work or running a business. Now you get the picture, we sometimes don’t allow enough time in our lives to savor the moment, to enjoy what we have created and what has been created for us.

It takes more than a little quiet time in the morning and a day of rest to appreciate the day that is. It takes practice of seeing the world that God has created for us. The world in its beauty and majesty all the way from a flower to a mountain rising out of the sea – there is so much beauty in this world. We don’t focus on that though so often and get lost in the moment and forget to realize that happiness is important.

Joy is a God-given right and all we must do is slow down and tap in to the moment rather then focus on the rat race and the hustle.

Then let’s take it a step further with people who may be people pleasers and will go many steps beyond in order to please others for acceptance. It is easy to realize that they may be asking too much of themselves and if people are honest with themselves they would realize that they are receiving far less benefit from always being there for people then what they give of themselves.

People often in our lives will recognize this disproportionate relationship is present and will continue to extort that imbalance to their needs without being thankful or reciprocating that relationship.

Unfortunately it gets to be an all or nothing relationship breaker or certainly a moment in where a break is created by running away from this relationship. This causes hurt feelings and unnecessary anger.

However, this is a signal that this is just another attachment that we need to break free from. If we realize that relationships can become unhealthy and we remain in those relationships, this is an extension of insanity, as far as hoping for different results when the same effort is done, and an inability to govern our own freedom. If we recognize there’s a problem in being immeshed in an unhealthy relationship when we betray ourselves in a non-reciprocating relationship and we choose to blame the person or organization rather than extricate or change our level of involvement then we ourselves are the problem.

Author Tim Ferris suggests to go through an extended period of time living on less to see how much you could do without in order to achieve a goal. What is that goal was just to not have a successful business or have that perfect job, but instead just be in a place of happiness. That idea is good to create a standard of what is actually necessary for continued happiness. Living on a smaller circle needs of what could be necessary for happiness instead of how much is necessary to fuel our current lives.

Is it possible to just enjoy less creature comforts in our life and not live on a linear timeline towards finding happiness?

Instead what about living in a moment to moment based appreciation of life so we constantly live in happiness. Isn’t it a better idea to live in happiness rather than work towards happiness? The old adage says we live for the weekend, but if we are so concerned with the weekend and the majority of our days are spent in this lack of appreciation for the majority of our life and time on earth then what’s the point?

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