Steps with Purpose

We’ve changed. Life doesn’t grow in a vacuum. We contend with so much friction in our lives that the arteries in which our days pass through arteries clogged by the nightmare we have inflicted upon ourselves by following so many distractions.

Suddenly, a return to books, candlelight, simple ingredients and new wine after a hard fought day for honest wages is a beautiful idea in retrospect.

A pathway of simplicity is very difficult in these days and more simple to turn on, tune in and become more addicted to the ever changing pixels that measure our interest, and lead us down the rabbit hole with no intention of our own.

No more is it our choice to leave. Our hope is in our level of how much we choose a momentarily outdated version of ourselves to represent how we want to be seen by those we those we will most likely never meet. No matter how often you hit the refresh button you’re always serenely hidden from yourself until you choose to plant yourself in less, not more, and be grateful to who you are, and what God intended.

I hope you have not been sold the true you, success you’ve always wanted, the words extended to you by spiritual leader after spiritual leader to tell you that you deserve something more is formulated on an organized and refined on a power point call to arms. It becomes a perpetual thought policed timeline of guilt and shame until you finally realize that a true purposeful identity is found just in the nature of natural maturity, not a leader’s alleged prophecy on your life. Certainly not based on the approval of others.

God’s bandwidth and SEO are frighteningly simple and it’s true costs are based in humility and love given to others that you cannot repay or snap a selfie with the indigent or the famous.

Growth cannot be forced, but it can be misled. Instead choose a path within the mustard seed of God within you yoked to a path covered in daily gratitude and choose to walk in love.

Each step of this purpose, a step of love, is the path to becoming at the very least awake, happy and living a life with intention, no longer bound, and blown by winds of a storm guided by men, who at their best honor God in name sakes only.