It Is What It Is

I’m not a democrat, independent or republican like you. I’m not a capitalist or socialist, not a Sufi, Christian, Muslim or Jew.

I’m not a a white supremest attacking people who are just being you.

I’m not a body, soul, or human too.

I’m just an experience building more of them each moment in this human shell, how about you?

I’m guilty by association of being a pest, tearing this world in two.

It’s a place I’m pretty fond of, let’s stay hear another decade, maybe two.

I care about your heart, the way you feel, your super human power of sensitivity and zeal.

It’s not the past I’m afraid of, nor the future too.

It’s the way the moment makes me dizzy, appear twisted, mean to someone as near, just like you.

You may be speeding towards Nome looking for an address far from this home.

But I tell you now there is a place you don’t have to run from, be emotional about it if you want, but we might need some space.

That is my experience, the way you seem, if you stay the way you are, you’ll be just like me.

I don’t have to run from a person like you or myself because eventually they’ll all have their way and in a sec we will be the same with no dance left in our heads.

We will be looking back at the chance we had to make a difference to each other and our kids, theirs and theirs too.

Let’s scratch the needle across the record, stop the wheel and look where we’re at.

It is no longer a scene to live out, it’s our destiny we’re at.

Don’t mess this up if you look for your freedom in another person’s home, and you’ll simply forget that life ends, and peace will never regret.

Ask yourself if you can, am I wearing your clothes as a uniform looking for a home while you look at my car and plot your address.

My apologies to the people who cannot control the time and now we’ll have to run out together and do this again.

I really hope we don’t, because thus far, it been a bit of a mess.

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