We Suffer, Because it is What is Known

Growing up in a chaotic environment can be both traumatic and frightening without a place of peace and calm. A common result is to seek a perpetual return to a repetition of the known and familiar as it is the easy choice to live a life somehow not lived, but only a collection of experiences.

In short, repetition of a life in chaos will not end until it is cut short, or interrupted by an intentional decision to break up with drama. Unfortunately our society has an ever increasing dependence on discord and dissonance.

Often, results are lives of tumultuous relationships, lack of stability in jobs, housing, addictions, and even death due to dangerous behaviors.

What is the alternative if having grown up in a world in which basic human needs for safety, protection and validation did not exist?

One choice is a calm, mindful approach to seeking a placid life. Choosing new ties not leading in violence against the soul and isolating the behaviors that cause self harm is paramount. Breaking down the lies held in a belief of living dangerously will somehow exorcise difficult emotions of a life paused in transition.

This choice is to retrain the brain of acceptance of a life well lived with small steps of more and more adventures, yet stable and rewarding living.

Circumstances such as family, jobs, health and of course world and local events slow this growth. Finding what serves a life of choice and increasing happiness is of the utmost importance. If it’s not serving a need to grow comfort levels in a pace that is acceptable then is it wise to grow relationships and situations like these?

Beginning again of allowing daily training of a mind that serves a larger picture for what is possible if given time, practice, thought, meditation and prayer.

Awareness of chaos grows into the ability to recognize it and how it is to be avoided. Instead, life slows down and becomes easier to enjoy as an overall flow, and not collection of broken pieces of a life given to pain.

There is joy in living for the light, not the dying of the light. Thriving on stress is as healthy as the results would seem.

Using successful boundaries and the wisdom of what serves a life of growth can be the aim. A path to how life can be if given the chance, even if it is simply breathing morning air and choosing not to seek, but to accept. Contentment becomes not something to deal with, but a goal.

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