dirty Arrows

We are the arrows set out against lies & injustice. Being in simple agreement is relatively unimportant. Be aware of the truth, be thankful for it and move on to be a torn belt on the engine of true misunderstanding. Let us be mindful of an action leading to another as an living example. Keep […]

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Home of the Brave

The new Nike ad has stirred emotion. That somehow dealing with the actual disease of racism and an unlevel playing field and instead worrying about offending those who support not being politically correct. This obvious, unfortunate truth is we understand that this somehow must be the norm, that we must first not discuss any issues […]

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Blades of Grass

When we walk into the church for the first time as adults we are there for a reason. We are there because we are hurting. We are not there by accident. We have set upon a new answer. Possibly the spending, the sex, the drugs, the depression or the other beliefs have left us wanting […]

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serotonin, dopamine, GABA receptors don’t leap off the page of Emily Dickinson, or A.W. Tozer. However both; highly quotable when needing a hit off the ego bong

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If people felt they could take the ‘mask’ off with issues of pride, lust and rejection in the setting of the Church then people would not be caught in a shame cycle. In my opinion the lack of ability to be honest in what should be a place of complete honesty and forgiveness is why […]

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